Just do it

Although I have a clear objective when I started improving my fitness in the new year, I did not actually have a concrete plan on what to do. I read a lot of articles and blogs and discovered there were actually many conflicting recommendations on what to do in order to get lighter and fitter.

In the end, I got so confused by everything that I decided to just do what is logical to me. I cut down my food intake by cutting down on unnecessary snacks and choosing carefully what is good for me. I decided to eat cereals for breakfast because I remembered slimming down a lot in Canada when breakfasts were either cereals or bread. I don’t really know whether it makes any sense, but I made a habit out of it.

Similarly with exercise, I just decided to run. I could still remember my first run this year when I tried to jog for 3km. I almost died half-way. But I told myself to just keep doing it and things will get better. Indeed, now I run almost everyday and can quite comfortable complete 5km at slightly more than half an hour (which is damn slow btw).

My point is there as of many things in life, just doing it is the most important step. I am not saying that we should ignore expert advice and go ahead and do things our own way, but when you are just starting out on something, most of the time, it doesn’t matter. If it is your first time playing tennis, you don’t have to understand the difference between and kick serve and a flat serve. You just have to get on the court and make contact with the ball.

Of course, as you go along, just doing it no longer makes sense. But the feedback you receive from your initial actions will help a lot in refining anything that you want to do. I know now how much cereals to eat each morning so that I will just be hungry by lunchtime. I also learn how to improve my running by controlling my breathing.

At the end of the day, we live in an era where there is so much information to process. If we are to digest all the information and make a plan before doing anything, it will simply take too much time and effort. Nike said it best, “Just Do It”.


  1. Subby February 9, 2012

    good luck ;)

    don’t have you a bike, cycle to Yishun to find the Lees

  2. liyong February 9, 2012

    Tried before and almost died. Mandai Rd is not fun to cycle at all.

    Probably won’t try again unless I become super fit.

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